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Company Information

Thaikin is founded by a team of industry specialist offering the whole product martketing life cycle. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and capability to support our client's activities. We also emphasis on providing excellent customer service.


Cutting Tools

We offer cutting tools for the precision machining of wood, metal, plastics, unfired ceramics, natural stone and a wide variety of engineered materials. we are a leading supplier of cutters to manufacturers of steel, pool cues, musical instruments, children's toys, printed circuit boards, custom cabinetry, and dimensional signage. As the originators of the "application specific tool" concept. we specialise in developing innovative cutters and techniques for new and emerging market. If your application requires carbide micro-tools, drill bits. end-mills,router bits, V-tip engravers, tapered tools or odd shaped little cutters, chances are either we already have the stock available, or we can make it to your specifications.